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At, our mission is to assist job seekers to find work and also to help small businesses find staff for free. We have designed a free online recruitment site for employers to post free online job vacancies and for job seekers to find the best jobs in South Africa.

We have thousands of registered employer accounts who do not actively post online job vacancies but do search job seeker CVs and contact them directly. As a jobseeker, you may Register your CV free.

Here are a couple of inside tips for when applying for Jobs

Remember the recruitment process starts with the application. Many recruiters will specify instructions on how to apply, If candidates do not follow all instructions for example including a reference number when instructed to do so, unfortunately your application will end there. This example is one of many screening tools used by recruiters. Due to the high volume of applications, Recruiters need to screen candidates. They are not trying to trick you but merely start the “Short list” process. SO ….


Tip number 2 Make sure you state for which position you are applying for – A lot of candidates merely just forward a CV, this is a big turn off for potential employers. ALWAYS include the reference number (If available) or state which job you are applying for. Recruiters are very busy and unfortunately will not take the time to “Guess” what position you are applying for.

Tip number 3 Be professional ….  Include a cover page / letter to introduce yourself, identify the most relevant skills or experiences specific to the job, rather than restating the information in your CV

Tip number 4 Because this is so important we have added it again…Make sure that you follow ALL instructions carefully as instructed on the Job post and also include ALL relevant documentation as required by the recruitment consultant

Tip number 5 A Professional CV WILL get you noticed ……  Ensure that your CV is current with the correct contact numbers

Tip number 6 DON’T Lie or Apply for vacancies outside your scope of expertise or skillset

Tip number 7 Follow up, be pro active and show initiative …. but DON’T harass the consultants ….

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Scholarship Opportunities

The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) is a unique not-for-profit business school created to ignite opportunity by awarding full or part tuition scholarships for those having difficulty accessing tertiary studies due to financial or academic reasons …continue reading

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There is a need for South Africa to produce more Marine, Forestry and Fisheries’ scientists, says Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana. Minister Zokwana had joined industry leaders and the department’s fisheries leadership on the commemoration of World Oceans Day …continue reading

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Good Luck and happy Job hunting

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