7 Mistakes First Time Job Seekers Make

7 Mistakes First Time Job Seekers Make

The day you graduate from school, University or college may be one of the happiest days of your life. The sense of accomplishment, the acknowledgment of a job well done, the pat on the back from your family and peers overwhelms you. The future looks so bright until you begin to search for a new job and are met with rejection after rejection. Then you begin to wonder if all of your years of hard work at school or pursuing a degree were worth it if you can not find a job. Some first-time job seekers may be making mistakes that they are not even aware of. If you have found yourself committing any of the below offenses, stop, and change course immediately.

1. Unprofessional initial contact

You always want to make a great first impression. Whether you are responding to a job posting via telephone, email, fax, or postal mail, you want that first contact to be professional. By email, fax, or mail, address the hiring manager by name and proofread to make sure you didn’t make any careless mistakes in spelling or punctuation. Always include a well thought out cover letter with your resume that is designed for the specific job you are seeking. For more information on creating cover letters look here (https://www.freerecruit.co.za/cover-letter-tips-advice/)
By telephone be sure there is no noise in your background. Turn off the television and radio before placing a phone call or returning one. Be sure to speak in a professional manner using please, and thank you.

2. Missing the interview without calling to cancel

This one may seem like common sense, but more people do this than you know. If you can not make a previously scheduled interview, even if it is because you have already found a new job, let the company know. You never know when you may need to apply to that company in the future, and you do not want to have burned a bridge.

Person preparing for a job interview by dressing professionally
For an interview, you want to look your best

3. Dressing unprofessionally

For an interview, you want to look your best. Your hair should be neat and  not overly styled. Depending on your industry, a job interview usually calls for you to wear professional, or business attire. You should wear professional clothing, preferably a suit if you are a man. For women, you could wear a tailored dress with a matching jacket or suit pants or skirt with a matching jacket.

4. Bringing friends or family to an interview

A lot of first-time job seekers may bring family, friends or siblings with for moral support. Bringing people with you to your job interview does not look good to your potential employer. If you are incapable of completing an interview without someone holding your hand, how can you go to a job each day on your own and perform well?

5. Being unprepared

When you go in for an interview it is important that you bring a current copy of your resume with you and at least 3 references. Even if you previously emailed a resume to the company, it is best to be prepared to submit it again. For more information on creating a CV look here (https://www.freerecruit.co.za/professional-cv-writing/)

Also, you want to research the company so that you are informed. When the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” which they surely will, have a few prepared. Do not ask about the pay rate in the initial interview. Instead, ask thoughtful questions about the company itself or the particular job you will be doing.

6. No thank you

When your interview is complete, thank the interviewer for his or her time. You also want to send a thank you note either by postal mail or email.

7. Using social media in a negative way

Many potential employers search the names of their potential employees online. What will come up if your name is searched? If it is anything negative, or inappropriate, you may just kiss the position you applied for goodbye. Take caution when online, including comments you leave on other people’s social media pages. While you may have set your Facebook or Twitter accounts to private, the page you are commenting on may not be private. These comments do show up when your name is searched using a search engine.

If you avoid making these mistakes, you will be well on your way to landing that first job.

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