How to Lift Yourself and Other Women Up This Women’s Month

“As women, we must stand up for ourselves, stand up for each other and stand up for justice for all.” Michelle Obama

It’s Women’s Month and women are rising. From politics and education to the arts, business and medicine, women are making their mark. With so much positivity around the strength, wisdom, compassion and empathy of women, there’s no need for negativity. Now is the time for women to support women. To lift each other up instead of breaking each other down.

We can’t afford to fall back into outdated, destructive ways. When we hold one woman back, we hold all women back. We must empower and support each other. If we do it together, we can be even better.

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Celebrate Women’s Month by empowering other women.

Here’s how you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of other women.

Stop the negativity

There is no need to be negative towards yourself or other women. Express your own brilliance and don’t block someone elses. To change the world, you have to start with yourself. Think positively. You will be surprised at the power of thought. Give yourself credit for what you’ve achieved in your career and life, and be proud of it. When you feel positive about yourself you can spread positivity to those around you.

Stand up and say no

From coffee groups to conference rooms, don’t tolerate abusive talk and behaviour among women. If you’re a manager or leader, enforce anti-bullying policies. Retrain or remove workplace bullies, both men and women. If you’re being bullied, don’t stay silent. Document the abuse and report it to your line manager or HR personnel. If you see someone else being bullied, don’t hide the truth to keep the peace. And if you’re a bully, seriously, why? It is important for everyone to learn how to exercise real power. This will assist in authentic friendships and respectful colleagues, not ones that loathe your presence.

Don’t talk negatively about other women 

Words are powerful. So, let’s stop talking negatively about other women’s appearances, parenting or successes. Gossiping can be addictive and pass the time. But it is destructive. Rather look at the positives of another woman’s life. Admire their strength or uniqueness. Compliment another woman. Let’s work at lifting each other up.

Applaud a woman’s success

Don’t hold a woman’s success against her. You don’t know what she has sacrificed to achieve her goals. Celebrate her successes as if there were you own. If one woman soars, it doesn’t mean your wings are clipped, or that there no space for you to fly. We can all rise and we can all succeed. Let’s help each other do just that.

Every woman needs to rest

The world we live in and the expectations of women can leave you exhausted. And when you’re tired, it’s easy to turn on other women. Instead, slow down, breathe and take the time for self-care. When you’re rested, it’s easier to give a big thumbs-up to a woman’s ideas at work. You also have the energy to help a mom struggling to open a door while pushing a pram.  Rest up and bring your positive attitude to each day.

Give as you would like to get

You wouldn’t want another woman to be talking about you or to you negatively. Keep that in mind next time a negative thought pops into your head. If you give as you would like to receive, you will only give positively.

There’s an African proverb that says: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This couldn’t be truer to the sisterhood. Lift each other up. Support each other. Praise each other. Together you can go very far and very high.

Women supporting women on national womens month
This Women’s Month is for all of you.

Happy Women’s Day to all the wonderful, smart, talented, kind, generous, loving and exceptional women out there. This day is for you.

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