How to ease back into work

It’s been nearly 3 months in lockdown. Now, many people are going back to work. Even though lockdown restrictions are easing up, life isn’t quite back to the normal we used to know. That’s why we’ve got some helpful tips to get you back into routine as well as keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Keep up washing your hands

Handwashing, hand sanitiser and face masks are an essential part of your everyday life. Keep yourself and your family safe by wearing your masks when you’re out in public. Many places require you to wear a mask before going inside. Buy a few masks and keep them at home or in your car. That way you’ll always have one handy, no matter where you’re going. Don’t forget to wash your mask every time you use it.

Go easy on yourself

Getting back into routine can be exhausting. The first few weeks back at work will probably leave you feeling exhausted. This is absolutely normal. It will take some time to adjust and get back into the full day’s work. Communicate with your employers and see what options are available to you. An option is to ease back into work or split your time between working at home and in the office.

Get some rest

The last few months have been tiring for everyone. We’ve all made changes to our lives so returning back to work will be another adjustment. Make sure you get some rest on the weekends.

Eat well

Your body is going to need all the energy it can get. Make sure you’re eating well. Not only will you be able to boost your immune system, but you’ll up your energy too. Take wholesome lunches to work and snack on healthy foods. With COVID-19 still a concern, your body needs all the extra support you can give it.

Keep communication open

This is a difficult time for everyone. The best way to get through it is to communicate. Keep in touch with your loved ones. Talk to your partner and children. Everyone is going through their own emotions and changes during this time. Be helpful. Listen. Support one another. Together you can get through this.

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