4 Tips To Get Your Job Application Noticed

The job market seems to be very intimidating and uncertain at the moment. With so many disruptions over the last few months, many organisations haven’t been hiring. Now we’re starting to see signs that the market is recovering. More companies are starting to post job vacancies. With the unemployment rate very high at the moment, there is strong competition for the jobs that are available. How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you ensure that your application gets noticed?

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A great job application is key to putting yourself in the running for a role. There are simple ways to make your application stand out. Here are 4 tips to assist you:

1. Always include a cover letter

A great CV is vitally important when applying for a job vacancy. However, a cover letter is even more important. As employers are inundated with CVs, this is just one way to make yours stand out. A well-written and concise cover letter gives you the opportunity to professionally introduce yourself, talk about your skills and explain to a potential employee what you can bring to the role. A cover letter will give them a sense of who you are so that they take that step and look at your CV in more depth.

  • Individualise your cover letter

It is easy to see when a candidate is just sending the same cover letter off to 100 applications. When you are applying for a job you really want, take the time to write a cover letter that allows your voice to come through. This is your opportunity to impress the employer and really explain why the job is perfect for you.

  • Read the job advert carefully

Going over the job ad before you write your cover letter is very important. It will help you tailor your letter to the exact requirements of the job. By stating why your skills match the requirements will definitely set you apart from the rest.

  • List your key achievements

When you list your key achievements in your cover letter it shows that you are focused on results. Add in any courses that you’ve done or volunteer work. All of this extra information will stand you in good stead.

For further advice on writing a great cover letter, click here [https://www.freerecruit.co.za/cover-letter-tips-advice/].

2. Fill in the gaps

Many people will have some gaps in their CVs. This could be due to studying further, travelling, caring responsibilities or even a career change. If you have a gap, it is important to explain the gaps in your cover letter. This will clear up any second guessing a future employee might have.

To further details on how to explain unemployment gaps in your CV, go here [https://www.freerecruit.co.za/how-would-you-explain-unemployment-gaps-in-a-job-interview/]

3. Highlight your transferable skills

Transferable skills are a core set of skills and abilities that are useful in almost any role or organisation. They could include things like organisational skills, problem solving, creative thinking, leadership or teamwork. These skills can easily go from one job to the next, so it is important to highlight them. You can help a company visualise your transferable skills by explaining the scenarios you’ve been exposed to and how your skills will come in useful for the role you’re applying for. Go over the selection criteria in the ad. Identify what you have done that matches it and explain this in your cover letter.

4. Send a professional email

Once your cover letter and CV are ready to be sent off, make sure your job application email complies with the following:

  • Check your email subject line
  • Don’t forward your email to a lot of recipients
  • Make it personal to your application
  • Introduce yourself up front and don’t just type “CV attached”
  • Make sure the email address you’re sending the application from is professional

If you’d like some advice on writing a professional CV, click here [https://www.freerecruit.co.za/professional-cv-writing/]

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