How to Post a Free Job Ad

Post a free job ad
Post a free job ad online.

Finding great candidates start with how effectively you market the job. We know that it’s a challenge to get the right people applying for the job vacancy. It can also be other factors, but we have found that very often it’s about how the job ad is written and it’s content.

We have previously discussed How to Write the Perfect Job Ad. For the purposes of this article, however, we will summarise what we discussed.

Use catchy Job titles that stand out!

Because there are so many companies advertising the same roles, you need to make sure your job posting gets noticed.

Include a company overview and make your company stand out

To attract the best candidates, it’s important you understand that when job seekers are considering a company, they aren’t just looking for the biggest salary. When writing this section on the job ad, keep it to a paragraph or two. You do not have to go into too much detail or company history.

The job description

Your job description should provide a summary of the role and expectations for the position. This is different from a list of duties and responsibilities, this is your opportunity to communicate the intent of the position.

Job duties and responsibilities

In this section, it’s best to be as descriptive as possible providing duties along with responsibilities. This part of the job ad needs to make it really clear what you’ll expect of the successful candidate. It’s also best to lay these specifics out in a bullet list.

Job requirements

Similar to the list of job duties and responsibilities, you want to provide a very clear list of formal qualifications required to be considered for the position. This way, potential candidates who are not suitably qualified can opt out of applying. Once again, this section is best kept as a bulleted list.

Tips for Posting a Free Job Ad

Candidates searching jobs online skim through the ad for information. If they see what they like they will read further. With this in mind, you need to pay attention to its structure. Use bold sub-headings to ensure candidates know what each section is about. Be specific but do not overkill. Try and include as much information as possible but remember to keep it short and to the point. People don’t like reading too much. If possible use video. If you have any video content like a company overview, include this.

Always provide clear instructions on how to apply for the job.

How to Post a Free Job Ad

Okay so now that we understand how to write the perfect job ad to attract the best candidates, lets find out how to post your free job ads online.

Create a free recruiter account.

Go to

  • On the top right-hand side of the screen, click on register.
  • A Sign Up pop-up screen will appear. Make sure you select the green Employer tab.
  • Give yourself a unique Username. Insert your email address in the field below that.
  • Click in the Captcha box to ensure you are human. Click on Register your account.
  • You will automatically be logged in to the system. Your login details will be emailed to the email address provided.
create your free recruiter account
Create your free recruiter account and get hiring today

Post a free job online

Once you have registered as an employer you can start posting your free job ads.

  • Click on Post Jobs.
  • Complete the Job Title.
  • Fill in the Job Location. In order to rank higher and find better candidates to apply, please include a job location.
  • Select the Job Type and Job Category.
  • Using the tips above, create your Job Description.
  • The next field will allow the candidate to either apply via email or if you have an online application URL.
  • Provide a closing date for applications.
  • Your minimum and maximum salary fields are optional but we recommend giving the candidate an idea of the salary range.
  • Add your company name and logo.
  • Click on the green “Preview” button. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! This will take you to the job preview screen. You need to confirm everything and click on “Submit Job”. If you skip this step your job ad will not be placed live on our system.

That’s It! It’s really simple and easy to post your jobs for free on And as a recruiter, you can post unlimited job ads for free forever! Please also see this article to find out about all the other free recruitment tools for recruiters.

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