How to land your ideal receptionist job vacancy

If you’re looking for a receptionist job vacancy, you need to stand out from the crowd so that you get noticed. As these types of positions are highly sought after, you need to develop your capabilities and make sure you gain relevant experience. From looking professional and presentable to honing your communication skills, there are many ways to ensure that you land that job.

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What skills do receptionists need?

  1. Professionalism

A receptionist is the first point of contact for anyone visiting the company. This includes members of staff as well as prospective clients and suppliers. If you want to succeed in this role, the highest level of professionalism is required. You need to be well-dress and groomed. You need to greet people in a welcoming and friendly manner. A good attitude and vibrant spirit will stand you in good stead.

As a receptionist, you will need to live and breathe your company’s values. From the way you act to the way you look, everything about you says everything about the company you work for. Greet people with a smile to make a good first impression. You’ll be surprised at how something so simple can really go a long way.

One of the aspects of professionalism is confidentiality. This means that you cannot disclose any sensitive information about the company or about your clients. Being discreet about who visits the company could also be expected from you.

Find receptionist job vacancies
Always look and dress professionally when applying for a receptionist job vacancy
  1. Technologically savvy

Most positions in modern offices will need you the ability to use technology. This couldn’t be more true of a receptionist’s job. Employees in this role must know how to operate a telephone system and computer. Computer literacy is required as these positions often involve working with spreadsheets, diaries, and word-processing. Receptionists are also expected to know how to use a photocopier. Some employers may require you to manage the company’s social media pages.

Assisting with admin is part of a receptionist’s job
Assisting with admin is part of a receptionist’s job
  1. Multitasking abilities

Registering visitors, answering calls, admin, and greeting visitors are just some of the tasks that a receptionist is expected to perform. To get this all done, these employees must be able to multi-task and complete numerous tasks under pressure while remaining calm. Some receptionists will also be expected to help other staff members with administrative duties.

  1. Organisation

Receptionists are required to organise their tasks and prioritise the most important ones. That’s why organisational skills are most useful in this career path. From ordering stationery to keeping the office neat and tidy, a receptionist keeps everything running smoothly.

  1. Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal capabilities extend past the ability to communicate effectively. Receptionist jobs require the ability to work with other staff members as well as the skills to receive constructive feedback. The ability to build solid relationships with other staff members and clients is also very important. Receptionists must also be empathic and should be able to understand their colleagues. By addressing people by their names, making eye contact with them, and seeking out common ground, you can develop your interpersonal skills.

  1. Communication skills

As one of the main duties of a receptionist is to answer telephones, take messages, and make bookings, excellent communication skills are a must. Receptionists engage with clients telephonically and in person. Due to this constant interaction with others, they must be able to handle emergencies and also distribute information. All these tasks require great communication skills and written communication skills.

If you want to succeed in your receptionist career, all of these skills are important. By developing them and putting them to use, you will find that you will get the jobs you want. Browse through all our latest receptionist job vacancies here. is a free online recruitment site for employers to post job vacancies and for job seekers to find the best jobs in South Africa. Have a look through all our current employment opportunities in South Africa to see if there is a receptionist job vacancy that you would like to apply for. Remember that companies do post new jobs every day, so set up job alerts to be notified of any current job postings in South Africa.

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