Data Capturing Jobs – All you need to know

Data capturing jobs offer a stable career with regular work hours. As the world of technology evolves, so does the importance of information. For this reason, there is a demand for data capturers across a range of industries in South Africa.

What is a data capturer?

This job involves entering data into a company’s computer systems and maintaining the accuracy of the data. This person is also responsible for storing and retrieving data as the data may be entered in a coded form. Employees check the accuracy of the information they are entering by cross-verifying it. This is a very important function of this job as it affects the validity of the reports that are created from the data. Should there be any errors, corrections will need to be made.

A data capturer can also assist with a suggestion on data management systems that are best suited to their employer’s requirements. They know how to enter data quickly and they can retrieve information efficiently. As data is so valuable, confidentiality within this role is an absolute must. It is of vital importance that employees don’t share this information with anybody.

Data capturers are also responsible for efficient workflow management. They communicate with their team members as well as with managers within their company. Data may be received in the form of invoices and forms and information may also be extracted from reports and a range of other documents. Employees in this position need to know how to import and export data from one database to another.

Data capturing jobs offer a stable career with regular work hours, find a data capture job at
Data is one of the most valuable assets of any company

Data capturing jobs are available across a wide range of industries and sectors.

What industries can a data capturer work in? You can find a position in a governmental department, market research organisation, educational and medical institutes.

Employees can find jobs through temp agencies or they can even find work from home jobs and work as freelancers. There are so many different industries to choose from, however, it is important to have the necessary knowledge of the industry you want to work in. By knowing the ins and outs of your preferred industry, you will be able to detect any errors in the data and correct them.

Where does a data capturer work?

Typically, this position is within an office environment. You will work as part of a team and use modern equipment to complete your job. Handling data can be very interesting. It is important to note that this position is usually rather repetitive in nature. Data capturers most often work regular business hours but, should the need arise, they may have to put in overtime in order to meet deadlines.

A data capture clerk inputting information into a computer
Data capturers are vital across many industries

What qualifications do I need?

If this is a job that you’d love to do, this is what you’ll need:

  1. Proficiency in Math and English
  2. A high school diploma for entry-level data capturing jobs
  3. A bachelor’s degree is required for some positions
  4. Relevant work experience to increase your chances of being hired.

What skills do I need?

Data capturer must-have software skills. They need to know how to use word processors, spreadsheets, and database software. Communication capabilities are also a must. Both verbal and written communication capabilities are necessary to perform the tasks associated with this position. To complete their duties efficiently, data capturers need to have brilliant typing skills. High levels of concentration are also required as this job means you need to sit and enter data over extended periods. Good hand-eye coordination and organisational capabilities will set you apart from the rest.

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