6 essential skills you need to become a Social Media Manager

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok are the top social media platforms for brands across the world. This is where it’s all happening. From digital campaigns and building communities to customer care, the social media landscape is exciting and ever-changing.

mobile phone with social media apps
Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat and TikTok are the top social media platforms

If you’re interested in a career as a Social Media Manager, we’ve got the six essential skills you’ll need to make it.

What is a Social Media Manager?

A Social Media Manager is a senior-level marketing job. As such, the individuals in this career are required to possess a diverse range of capabilities. The main focus of people who work in this position is to convert online followers into buying customers. Another aspect of this job is to plan, write, and post content that will assist brands in expanding their online communities. Social Media Managers also compile reports and some are even responsible for managing the media spend used to boost posts.

What skills does a Social Media Manager need?

  1. Social media insight

To make a success of this role, you must understand the role of digital marketing within the brand’s ecosystem. Knowledge of how to use hashtags and optimise YouTube videos is also a requirement. The ability to customise Facebook apps and in-depth knowledge of social media tools will stand you in good stead. You’ll also need to understand the role of each platform and what content will increase audience engagement.

  1. Research skills

Staying up to date with the latest trends and algorithms is a must. To do this, you will have to constantly learn and advance your skillset. Research plays a major role in the everyday duties of a Social Media Manager. You will have to find out what the latest tools are, and you’ll constantly need to review competitor posts and campaigns.

  1. Copywriting

Writing is a large part of this job as you’ll be expected to write posts on a daily basis. To create stand out content, you’ll need to understand copywriting and the effects of your words. You’ll also have to change the tone of your copy to work on the platform you’re writing for. Twitter is conversational. Facebook is informative. Excellent writing skill will allow you to get your message across in a clear and concise manner.

  1. Time management

Managing your time is an absolutely essential skill for anyone who works in a marketing job and wants to move up the ladder. This skill is especially useful for those wanting to become Social Media Managers. You will have to manage a range of accounts, across numerous platforms. With so much ground to cover, comments to respond to, posts to write, and research to be done, time management is a must. A useful time management tip is to set up a social media calendar. This will assist you in keeping on track.

  1. Customer care

A large portion of brands’ followers use social media for customer care. If you want to work as a Social Media Manager, you’ll need to have customer care skills. Customers ask questions on social media, they complain and share their experiences. Being able to navigate this with the correct responses is vital in maintaining customer loyalty and love.

SEO Tips
SEO optimisation plays a large role in content strategies
  1. SEO knowledge

Knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to working in the digital marketing world. If you want to increase your brand’s following on social media, you’ll need to know how to optimise the content that you post. SEO optimisation plays a large role in content strategies. This is an essential tool for expanding a brand’s audience and traffic to websites.

Now that you know some of the skills required to become a Social Media Manager, you can decide whether this exciting career is for you. Make sure your CV is ready with these tips [Advice for writing a professional CV] and keep an eye out on our site for new social media jobs.