South African Airways Technical Apprenticeship

South African Airways Technical Apprenticeship

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To operate a fully functional maintenance division requires highly skilled technicians. South African Airways apprenticeship Technical Training has recognised this need, and in order to meet the high and exacting standards, has established Apprentice training programmes for eleven trade disciplines. Qualified Senior Instructors, each a specialist in his/her field, facilitate and coach apprentices to ensure total mastery of skills.

Apprentices are trained at South African Airways Technical which is located at OR Tambo International Airport. This accredited training facility is one of the most respected in Africa.


South African Airways Technical Apprenticeship Training programmes are based on the Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) philosophy .The Apprentice Training Department is the leading developer for this training. CBMT is an individualised, structured learning process, which is self-paced but time managed. A course map indicating the objective and the number of modules is arranged in a logical sequential order. Each module covers a specific area of the course/s and deals adequately with the skill/s. Each module is concluded by successfully completing a criterion test.

Although each respective course is not time bound, but performance bound, the time taken to successfully master the required modules depends largely on an individual’s own initiative and motivation: nevertheless on average an apprentice should complete a full course in 2-3 years. If required, apprentices are expected to attend and pass one Technical College block course, thereafter college studies are optional. Each trade has specific tasks/responsibilities to ensure airworthiness and safety of aircraft. It is expected from each applicant to choose, in order of preference from the list of trades and according to their interests, capabilities and potential, the trade that interests him/her the most.

Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Spray Painter
Aircraft Composite Structures
Aircraft Electrician
Aircraft Instrument Technician
Aircraft Radiotrician
Aircraft Structures Workers
Aircraft Trimming
Aircraft Turner Machinist
Aircraft Welding
Aircraft Electro Plater

How to Apply:

Potential applicants must complete an application form, pass an Aptitude and if shortlisted applicants
will be invited for an interview.


Medically fit
S.A. Citizen
At least 16 years of age
Passed Grade 12 with:
o    Mathematics
o    English
o    Physical Science
o    All subjects compulsory with at least E Symbol on Higher Grade or D Symbol on Standard Grade or
o    a minimum of Achievement level 4 or equivalent) or
o    minimum N3 certificate with Mathematics and Engineering Science D Symbol
Able to communicate in English Prepared to undergo a training course (company sponsored)
Prepared to sign a learner ship contract.

Enquiries and applications can be addressed to:

Apply to:
Recruitment and Selection
South African Airways Technical
Private Bag X12,
OR Tambo International Airport, 1627
Tel: (011) 978 3912  and 978 3935.
Nelly Kewana/ Livhuwani Nekhumbe

Fax: 011 978 1108 or 086 726 1631
South African Airways Maintenance and Regulatory Training

Aircraft Maintenance and Regulatory Training

The function of the SAA Technical Maintenance Training department is to ensure that all training on aircraft, engines, systems and components will be accomplished in accordance with current applicable aviation regulations and Technical standards and in line with the curriculums approved by the SA: CAA.

Senior Instructors

Qualified Senior Instructors, each a specialist in his/her field, conduct theory and practical training to ensure mastery of aircraft systems.

Training Centre

The training centre is located at O R Tambo International Airport, South African Airways Technical. This approved training facility is one of the most respected in South Africa.

Scope of Training

South African Airways Maintenance and Regulatory training is approved by the SA: CAA to conduct Tuition and Examination on the following aircraft types; category A, C, and W.


Boeing 747 – Classic and 400 Series.
Boeing 737 – 200.
Boeing 737 – 3/4/500 series.
Boeing 737 NG – 6/7/8/900 Series.
Boeing 767 Series.
Boeing 777-200/300 series.
Airbus A340 Series.
Airbus A319, A320 and A321 Series.
Harvard T6 Series.
Airbus A330 Differences.


P&W JT8D Series.
P&W JT9D Series.
P&W 4000 Series.
P&W 1340 Series.
GE CF6 Series.
GE CFM56 Series.
IAE V2500 Series.
RR RB211 Series.
GE 90 Series.

The facility also has the capability of presenting the following Regulatory training;

1.Human Factors
2.Electrical General
3.Civil Aviation Regulations
4.Instrument General
5.Airframe General
6.Radio and Radar General
7.Gas Turbine General
8.Compass Swing
9.Aircraft Recovery
10.Lifting Equipment
11.Airside Training

For more details on Maintenance and Regulatory Training, contact:

Manager Maintenance Training