Best Job Interview Questions for Recruiters

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Below, we have put together a list of the best job interview questions for recruiters. We have broken the interview questions up into 4 categories as follows:

  • Motivation
  • Behavioral
  • Situational
  • Skills-Based


A good way to assess a candidate’s motivation for applying to a job is to use motivational interview questions. These questions should be asked to find out if the candidate’s values match those of the company.

  1. Why are you interested in working at this company?
  2. Why are you interested in this role? and what’s your understanding of this role?
  3. What do you really enjoy about your current role?
  4. in your current role, what frustrates you most?
  5. Describe what success looks like to you?
  6. In a few words, how would your colleagues describe you?
  7. Can you give me an example of a time that you had to work with team members to deliver a result? What worked well? Outline the challenges?
  8. Give me an example of a work achievement you are most proud of?
  9. Why do you want to leave your current job? Have you taken any action to try and change it?
  10. Tell me about a team you’ve worked in that enabled you to do your best work? What was it about the team that made you do your best work?
  11. How would you describe a perfect day at work? How would you spend your day and who would you be working with?
  12. What actions, behaviors, or events would limit or impact your workplace motivation?
  13. How would you describe the work environment or culture you’re most productive and happy in?


Behavioral interview questions are focused on how the candidate has managed different situations in the workplace and helps to reveal their character traits and capabilities. These types of questions can assist the recruiter in understanding how the potential candidate’s past behavior could influence their future decisions and performance.

  1. What’s been the most satisfying team you’ve worked with and why?
  2. Have you ever suggested a new idea or initiative to your manager? Give me an example and how did you implement this idea?
  3. Tell me about the most difficult team member you’ve worked with. How did you resolve this?
  4. In your career thus far, was there ever a time when you made a mistake or didn’t deliver on expectations? What was the outcome and what lesson did you learn from this?
  5. Can you tell me about a recommendation you’ve made that received negative feedback from management? If so, how did you go about changing their minds?
  6. Did you ever provide a team member with feedback? How did you go about doing so and what was the result?
  7. Can you tell me about any constructive feedback you’ve received and how you used that to change the way you work?
  8. Can you give me an example of a project that was implemented successfully because of your idea?
  9. Have you ever worked in a dynamic role that changed frequently? How did you make certain that you thrived in that environment?
  10. You may be tasked with many things at once. How do you prioritise your tasks?


Situational interview questions can help you as the recruiter to get a feel for how the candidate will handle particular situations or challenges in the workplace. These questions offer a challenge they may face and trying to see if and how the candidate will handle it in a solution-based way.
  1. You have two important deadlines coming up, how do you prioritise your tasks?
  2. What steps do you take to make an important decision on the job?
  3. Your colleague has a different working style to you, how do you handle working closely with them?
  4. What do you do if you realise that a mistake is going to put you behind the deadline?
  5. If you came up with a really great idea, but your team members decided against it. How would you handle that?
  6. You don’t agree with what your manager or supervisor says to manage an issue. What should you do?
  7. How would you deal with a team member that you are unable to build a good working relationship? What steps would you take to improve this?
Asking these job interview questions will ensure you hire the best candidate
Asking these skills-based job interview questions will ensure you hire the best candidate


Skills-based interview questions aim to uncover whether the candidate’s skills actually match what the company needs. These interview questions help the recruiter to understand the candidate’s existing skillset. It is also an opportunity to understand what skills the candidate would like to develop.

  1. Tell me about your professional and technical skillset.
  2. What skill you would like to develop further?
  3. Which of your skills do you believe will be most valuable to our business?
  4. Give me an example of a  project you’ve worked on and how you used your professional skills to deliver a result.
  5. Have you ever used your professional skills and/or technical experience to improve a process in your workplace? What was it?
  6. Can you describe a time when you’ve used your professional skills to improve something in the workplace?
  7. What is your proudest accomplishment? How did you apply your skills to achieve this outcome?
For the best possible outcome, tailor your recruiter interview questions to your companies environment. By planning your interview questions properly, you will be able to discover which candidate will be the best fit for your business.

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